Frequently asked questions

Here are some answer of question that you may have about MagicSpace

No, each catalogue created by MagicSpace is an independent catalogue, developed only for a specific brand. On other words only the products that you decide will show up on your app.

No, the app is developed for your brand and so it will appear with the name that you chose. MagicSpace is only a platform which provides you the app layout and catalogue publishing system. All the contents as the products, the name of the app, the description and other contents are provided by you.

No, your catalogue will be available for anyone to download for free as they are architect, decorators, retailers or general public.

The app is a turning point to the digital printing, it is eco-friendly and it drives your costumers to new purchase habits. The results and payback will come progressively. It is always important to encourage your customers to use your app and advertise it to boost its use and impulse the app's payback.

One of the best way to advertise and promote your app is by adding to your site a direct link to the app and posting about it on your social medias. For example you can take nice photos and add your products to it with the app, this kind of images is really good to post on instagram.

There is a very wide range of android devices, which makes it difficult to ensure a good performance in every device. That way, MagicSpace is only available for Apple, allowing us to guarantee 100% reliability and performance.

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